Jill Stein Claims Police Assaulted Her During Protest

Green Party candidate Jill Stein says police hurt her and others at a protest in St. Louis. She claims police pushed them with bikes, causing injuries. More than 80 people, including Stein, were arrested when they didn’t leave after being told.

Stein says police charged her with assaulting an officer, but she denies it. She says her ribs hurt and she might have a fracture.

Many protests at colleges are happening, calling for peace in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Stein’s campaign shared a video of her being taken away by police.

Jill Stein Claims Police Assaulted Her During Protest
Jill Stein (Credits: Vanity)

She and others were let go from jail early Sunday. The university says the protesters planned to disrupt and set up camp against school rules.

Stein supports the student protesters, saying they risk a lot to demand change. They want the university to cut ties with Boeing.

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