Johnson Receives Vote of Confidence from Rep. Cole Amid Ouster Speculation

Representative Tom Cole from Oklahoma said on Sunday that the effort to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson from his position isn’t a big worry. He mentioned it’s only a few Republican lawmakers who want Johnson gone.

When asked on CBS News’s “Face The Nation” if he thinks the move by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to remove Johnson is serious, Cole said, “Well, I take anything seriously. But no, I don’t.”

Cole compared it to last fall when former Speaker Kevin McCarthy was removed, saying only eight Republicans were involved then. He doesn’t think there’s strong support from Democrats to remove Johnson either.

He said, “Both sides now see how dangerous and irresponsible this is.”

Johnson Receives Vote of Confidence from Rep. Cole Amid Ouster Speculation
Tom Cole (Credits: KFOR)

Cole believes Johnson has done a lot and is respected by many. He said, “Every single Republican voted for him. I don’t think that any other person could have done that at the time other than Mike Johnson. So the reservoir of goodwill is enormous.”

Greene introduced a motion to remove Johnson as Speaker last month after the House passed a spending package. She said on Sunday that she still plans to bring the motion, calling on Johnson to resign.

She said on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” “Mike Johnson’s Speakership is over. He needs to do the right thing to resign and allow us to move forward.”

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