Jonah Goldberg Criticizes Harris as ‘Biden’s Worst Political Decision’

Conservative writer Jonah Goldberg said Vice President Kamala Harris was the “worst political decision” made by President Biden. He shared this during a talk on CNN’s “The Chris Wallace Show.”

Wallace talked about findings from focus groups. One group by Republican Voters Against Trump found swing voters don’t like Harris. Another group by the Democratic National Committee said some people don’t like her.

Goldberg, from “The Dispatch,” thinks Harris’s likeability issue could hurt Biden’s chances in the next election. He said, “She’s a big drag. She was arguably Biden’s worst political decision.” Goldberg also mentioned concerns about Biden’s age, saying people worry if he can complete his term. So, the Vice President’s role is crucial.

Jonah Goldberg Criticizes Harris as 'Biden's Worst Political Decision'
Vice President Kamala Harris

Goldberg suggested that Democrats shouldn’t pick candidates from strong blue states unless they’re like Obama. He thinks Harris struggles to connect with the center or right, only speaking to the party’s base.

Tech journalist Kara Swisher, part of the discussion panel, said Harris’s approval rating might not matter much because she won’t be replaced. She mentioned that people didn’t think much about Mike Pence or Dan Quayle.

Wallace added that Harris’s role might become more significant due to Biden’s age. Swisher thinks Harris won’t be swapped out, and replacing her would cause a big issue.

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