Poor Hiring Practices Hurt Employer Reputation and Deter Job Candidates

Poor hiring practices are becoming a big problem for employers because more people are sharing their bad experiences with the hiring process. Data from platforms like Glassdoor show that these negative experiences are discouraging other people from applying to these companies. This bad feedback can hurt a company’s reputation and make it hard to attract good candidates.

On review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, job seekers are leaving detailed reviews and ratings about their hiring experiences, much like Yelp reviews for restaurants. According to Neil Costa, founder and CEO of HireClix, such negative feedback can be challenging to overcome if it becomes a trend, likening it to trying to improve a poor academic grade over time.

Poor Hiring Practices Hurt Employer Reputation and Deter Job Candidates
Poor Hiring Practices Hurt Employer Reputation and Deter Job Candidates

Specific poor hiring practices contributing to this negative feedback include ghosting candidates, where companies initiate the interview process but then cut off communication without explanation.

Another issue is “love bombing,” where candidates are excessively praised only to receive disappointing salary offers or job titles. Additionally, difficult-to-navigate career pages and excessively demanding take-home assignments are also frustrating job seekers.

Historically, ex-employees have used sites like Glassdoor to write critical reviews about their former employers, serving as warnings to potential job candidates. However, current trends show that bad reviews are now also targeting the interview process itself.

This shift is damaging to an employer’s brand, as it can deter potential candidates even before they apply, thus reducing the talent pool and the likelihood of finding the right person for the job.

To combat these negative perceptions, HR leaders and recruitment professionals suggest maintaining a positive employment brand and improving the overall hiring process. Addressing issues such as communication transparency, aligning offers with candidate expectations, and simplifying application processes can help restore trust and attract quality candidates.

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