Revitalizing US Regions with a $475 Million Boost for Clean Energy Mining

The Biden administration has revealed a substantial allocation of federal funds amounting to $475 million for the advancement of clean energy endeavors across five states, notably including crucial political arenas such as Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada.

This endeavor, a component of the bipartisan infrastructure law amounting to $1 trillion, is geared towards expediting the progress of clean energy initiatives on both active and former mine sites, remarked U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm.

Revitalizing US Regions with a $475 Million Boost for Clean Energy Mining
Newmont Corporation streamlines operations, and reduces debt through strategic divestitures, exemplifying commitment to sustainability and financial health.

This marks a significant departure towards sustainable methodologies in areas historically associated with coal mining.

Granholm emphasized the significance of empowering communities traditionally responsible for fueling the nation’s energy needs to spearhead the forthcoming era of energy production.

Mining Giants Embrace Sustainability

Leading the charge towards sustainability are major mining players including Freeport-McMoRan, Barrick Gold, and Newmont Corporation. Each is pioneering unique initiatives to incorporate clean energy solutions into their operations.

Revitalizing US Regions with a $475 Million Boost for Clean Energy Mining
Barrick Gold expands into African and Middle Eastern copper mining, diversifying operations and fostering global growth.

Freeport-McMoRan is implementing geothermal heat paired with a battery energy storage system at two copper mines in Arizona.

This not only decreases dependence on backup generators but also facilitates the extraction of 25 million pounds of copper annually.

Barrick Gold is venturing into copper mining in Africa and the Middle East, while Newmont Corporation is concentrating on operational efficiency and debt reduction through strategic divestments, such as the sale of the Akyem gold mine in Ghana.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

These initiatives go beyond simply transitioning to clean energy; they also aim to stimulate economic growth and job creation in mining communities.

Take, for example, the Lewis Ridge Pumped Storage Project in Kentucky, a $1.3 billion endeavor projected to spawn approximately 1,500 construction jobs and produce ample energy to supply nearly 67,000 households.

Likewise, endeavors in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania are poised to generate hundreds of employment opportunities, showcasing how clean energy projects can propel economic progress alongside environmental stewardship efforts.

Jackson Kelley
Jackson Kelley
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