Starbucks Unveils Innovative Accessible Store Design: Read to Know More

Starbucks has recently revealed a new store design that prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity, featuring updated light fixtures and open floor plans.

The company debuted the new design at its first location in Washington, D.C.’s Union Market on Friday.

According to Sara Trilling, president of Starbucks North America, designing for disabilities is simply good design for everyone. The company spent two years creating a more accessible cafe, seeking input from its baristas.

The resulting store offers an unobstructed path for customers and has power-operated doors for easier entry.

President of Starbucks- Sara Trilling
Sara Trilling, president of Starbucks mentioned that Starbucks prioritizes accessibility in café design, with input from baristas, recognizing it benefits everyone’s experience.

Inside, customers can place their orders using a new point-of-sale system with adjustable angle stands, voice assist, screen magnification, and photos of menu items.

Trilling notes that these features are particularly beneficial for non-native English speakers, as they provide visual cues for order confirmation. The counters have also been lowered to improve accessibility for wheelchair users.

Behind the counter, Starbucks’ new Clover Vertica system for brewing drip coffee has a more accessible design with large dials and protruding buttons. Trilling explains that these features allow for touch or light-based use, making it easier to track brewing cycles and other tasks.

Digital status boards and baristas calling out names also help customers know when their drinks are ready for pickup. The store’s lighting has been adjusted to reduce glare, shadows, and backlighting that can hinder visibility.

Starbucks' new store design prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity.
Starbucks’ new store design prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity.

Additionally, the store’s insulation has been improved to reduce noise levels. The overall floor plan has been carefully designed to minimize obstacles and provide clear sightlines.

Starbucks plans to implement similar designs in all future company-owned locations, with over 600 new stores set to open this year.

Despite the upgrades, Trilling assures that building more accessible stores will not significantly increase costs. She believes it will enhance customer connection and employee engagement.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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