Trump Aims to Silence RFK Jr. with Strategic Moves

Former President Trump is making moves to weaken Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as they both aim for the same group of voters.

Trump criticized Kennedy at a Libertarian Party event, calling him “not a serious candidate.” Republicans also attacked Kennedy for saying controversial things about people in “red states.”

Many Republicans think Kennedy could take more votes from Trump than from Biden. They believe Kennedy appeals to Democrats unhappy with their party and those who still admired the Kennedy name.

Trump has called Kennedy a “Democrat plant,” suggesting he’s being used to harm Trump’s chances. Some Democrats argue the opposite, saying Trump supporters are behind Kennedy.

Trump Aims to Silence RFK Jr. with Strategic Moves
RFK Junior

Although Trump hasn’t attacked Kennedy as harshly as others, his supporters are trying to discredit him. They’re using social media and sharing negative information about him.

Polls show Kennedy has support from Republicans and young voters, which worries Trump’s team. They’re trying to paint Kennedy as too liberal by highlighting his past statements and associations.

Kennedy’s campaign got a boost when he chose Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. Her wealth has helped expand Kennedy’s presence on more ballots.

Despite focusing on Biden, Kennedy argues Biden is the real spoiler in the election. He says Biden can’t win and prevents others from winning by running.

As Kennedy faces attacks from both sides, he may struggle to defend against Trump’s tactics while also countering Democratic criticism.

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