Trump and DeSantis Meet in Miami for Fundraising Talks

Former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis met secretly in Miami to settle their political differences, as reported by The Washington Post.

The meeting, organized by their supporters who wanted to calm down their intense rivalry, ended with DeSantis agreeing to support Trump, according to the Post.

DeSantis has a lot of influential supporters and donors who are cautious about Trump. This support could help Trump a lot in his campaign for the next election against President Biden.

The two hadn’t talked since DeSantis quit the race to become the GOP candidate for president back in January. He didn’t do well in his first national campaign, so he dropped out after the Iowa caucuses. Then, he backed Trump, who won against Nikki Haley in the primary.

Trump and DeSantis Meet in Miami for Fundraising Talks
Trump and DeSantis

Even though he supported Trump, DeSantis didn’t really help his campaign and even said some bad things about him. One of Trump’s top aides even called DeSantis a “sad little man” a month after he left the race.

This meeting might also show what DeSantis wants to do in the future. He can’t run for governor again because of term limits, so he might want to run for president in 2028, along with Nikki Haley.

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