Trump Associate Comments on Melania’s Reaction to Hush Money Trial Revelations

Stephanie Grisham, who used to speak for former President Trump, talked about how Melania Trump, the former first lady, is watching her husband’s hush money trial. Grisham said Melania probably isn’t happy with what’s being said.

Trump had to be in court while Melania celebrated her birthday. The trial is about Trump allegedly lying about money paid to Stormy Daniels, a film actress, to keep quiet about an affair.

David Pecker, a former magazine boss, spoke in court about Daniels and another woman, Karen McDougal, who says she was also with Trump. Trump says these affairs never happened.

Trump Associate Comments on Melania's Reaction to Hush Money Trial Revelations
Melania Trump, the former first lady (Credits: She Knows)

Grisham said it was new to hear that Trump talked about Melania in the White House and that White House staff talked to Pecker about keeping the secrets. She thinks Melania wouldn’t like hearing these things.

But Grisham also said Melania isn’t sitting at home feeling sad about it. But like any married woman, it’s not nice to hear these kinds of things.

People close to Melania think she won’t be a big part of Trump’s campaign for president again. They say it’s a loss because first ladies usually help during campaigns, especially with women and undecided voters. But they know Melania doesn’t like being in public much.

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