Trump-Biden Battle Takes a Nasty Turn: When Politics Plumbs New Depths

With less than six months until Election Day, things are heating up between former President Trump and President Biden.

Trump has been making some harsh comparisons, likening the Biden administration to the Nazi secret police, the Gestapo. He’s also been calling Biden names like “grossly incompetent” and “crooked as hell.” At a recent fundraiser, he even used profanity against Jack Smith, the special counsel.

On the Democratic side, Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-chair of Biden’s campaign, hasn’t held back either. He’s been using strong language against Trump, calling him an “asshole” and drawing comparisons between Trump and the rise of the Nazis.

During the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, Biden took shots at Trump, too. He joked about Trump’s recent troubles with the hush money trial involving Stormy Daniels, saying, “Donald has had a few tough days lately. You might call it stormy weather.”

Trump-Biden Battle Takes a Nasty Turn: When Politics Plumbs New Depths
Trump VS. Biden (Credits: ABC News)

Both parties are getting uncomfortable with the tone of the campaign. Some Republicans are calling it “petulant,” saying it’s not about electing a president but more like a schoolyard brawl.

Polls show Biden and Trump neck and neck, with some voters still undecided. Political experts predict things will only get uglier as the campaign progresses.

Both sides are expected to continue their attacks. Trump will likely keep portraying the trial as politically motivated, while Biden will push back against criticisms of his age and mental acuity.

The tone of the campaign is expected to get worse before it gets better, with both sides willing to go lower to win.

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