US Military Constructs Floating Pier for Gaza Aid Delivery

To make the shipment of aid to Gaza easy US military is building a big floating pier. They’re doing this to help people who don’t have enough food and are struggling.

Ships from Cyprus will bring the aid to the pier, and then trucks will take it to different parts of Gaza. There will be a temporary path from the pier to the shore so the trucks can move easily.

President Joe Biden talked about this plan in March. It’s because Gaza is having a hard time getting enough food, especially with the fighting between Israel and Hamas.

US President Joe Biden. (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP)

The United Nations is warning that there might be a big hunger problem in Gaza soon. Some children there are already getting sick because they don’t have enough to eat.

Over 1,000 US soldiers are helping to build the pier, but they won’t be staying in Gaza. They’ll work on the causeway from the sea, not on land.

To house the US troops, a British ship called the RFA Cardigan Bay will be used as a floating hotel.

A spokesperson from the Pentagon said they’re making progress on the pier and path. Once it’s done, they hope to bring in lots of aid every day, like food for almost everyone in Gaza.

Displaced Palestinians are lining up to fill their containers with water in Deir Balah in the central Gaza Strip on April 25, 2024. (Photo by Majdi Fathi/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Even with this help, some people are upset with Israel because they think Israel isn’t letting enough aid into Gaza. Israel says it’s because of problems with aid groups, not because they’re trying to stop it.

Aid groups are worried about safety, especially after some workers were killed in an Israeli attack. They want assurances that aid workers will be safe when they’re helping.

As they build the pier and path, everyone involved is trying to figure out how to get aid to the people in Gaza quickly and safely.

Arit Saha
Arit Saha
Arit Saha, an Economics graduate and budding content writer in Kolkata, deftly merges his passions for economics and global politics. He crafts engaging content weaving economic insights into geopolitical narratives. Contact: [email protected]
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