Wayve Co-Founder Amar Shah Invests in Oshen’s Autonomous Solar-Powered Ocean Data Boats

Amar Shah, co-founder of Wayve, has invested in Oshen, a startup founded by Anahita Laverack and Ciaran Dowds. Oshen is creating small, self-sailing boats that gather ocean data autonomously. These boats, powered by solar energy and designed to be affordable, could make it easier and cheaper for scientists to study ocean temperatures, waves, and wildlife.

Traditional methods of collecting ocean data involve drifting buoys, which are costly and not always accurate. Oshen’s boats are smaller and more reliable, using standard parts to keep costs down. They can be launched from shorelines and operate for extended periods using wind, sun, and batteries.

Wayve Co-Founder Amar Shah Invests in Oshen's Autonomous Solar-Powered Ocean Data Boats
Wayve Co-Founder Amar Shah Invests in Oshen’s Autonomous Solar-Powered Ocean Data Boats

The technology has caught the attention of investors like Shah, who see the potential in improving how we collect important ocean and weather information. His investment will help Oshen refine their boats and bring them to market. The startup is already talking to energy and weather companies in the UK and US about using their technology.

Oshen’s work is part of a larger trend where startups are using technology to protect the oceans from threats like climate change and pollution. Their innovative approach could lead to a better understanding and conservation of marine ecosystems worldwide.

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Michael Manua
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