Xi Jinping Asserts Unstoppable Technological Advancement of China to Dutch Prime Minister

China’s technological advancement remains relentless, as affirmed by President Xi Jinping during his meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in Beijing. Discussions encompassed various sectors, including the pivotal semiconductor industry.

“The Chinese people also have legitimate development rights, and no force can halt China’s scientific and technological advancement,” emphasized Xi, as reported by Xinhua News Agency.

Xi reiterated China’s commitment to fostering mutually beneficial cooperation, stating that the nation will “continue to pursue a win-win approach.”

Tensions between China and the Netherlands escalated following the joint decision of the Netherlands and the U.S. to restrict the export of advanced chip technology to China, citing concerns regarding potential military applications.

Semiconductor chips, indispensable components utilized in a myriad of products ranging from smartphones to automobiles, underscore the significance of this technological era.

Xi Jinping Asserts Unstoppable Technological Advancement of China to Dutch Prime Minister
Xi Jinping urges cooperation over division, emphasizing dialogue and fair business environments between China and the Netherlands.

Dutch technology behemoth ASML faces restrictions on exporting extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) machines to China, a capability unique to the company. Despite this, ASML has yet to dispatch any EUV machines to China.

EUV lithography machines are indispensable in chip manufacturing, crucial for companies like Taiwan’s TSMC to produce the most advanced and compact chips.

Earlier in January, the Netherlands prohibited ASML from exporting some of its deep ultraviolet lithography systems to China, utilized for manufacturing slightly less sophisticated chips.

Reacting to the Dutch government’s actions, Beijing criticized the move, urging the Netherlands to uphold impartiality, and market principles, and safeguard the mutual interests of both countries and their corporations.

“Imposing scientific and technological barriers and disrupting industrial and supply chains will only foster division and confrontation,” emphasized Xi during Wednesday’s discussions, as reported by Xinhua state media.

Xi Jinping Asserts Unstoppable Technological Advancement of China to Dutch Prime Minister
Rutte emphasizes the Netherlands’ efforts to mitigate the impact of export restrictions, rejecting decoupling policies detrimental to China’s interests.

He stressed the necessity of cooperation, dismissing the notion of decoupling and chain disruptions as viable options.

Xi expressed China’s readiness to maintain dialogue with the Netherlands, urging them to provide an equitable and transparent business environment for Chinese enterprises.

Reuters reported Rutte’s comments, stating that the Netherlands endeavors to ensure that export restrictions, particularly concerning the semiconductor industry and companies like ASML, do not target specific nations. “We always try to mitigate the impact,” Rutte remarked.

In response, Chinese state media relayed Rutte’s stance against decoupling, highlighting that any actions detrimental to China’s developmental interests would backfire.

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