Former President Trump Cheers Departure of RNC Lawyer

Former President Trump said it was good news that the top lawyer of the Republican National Committee (RNC) was leaving his job not long after starting.

“Great news for the Republican Party. RINO lawyer Charlie Spies is out as Chief Counsel of the RNC. I wish him well!” Trump said on Truth Social.

Officials confirmed on Saturday that Spies was leaving his job as RNC chief counsel about two months after starting, when Trump became the expected GOP nominee for November.

There were problems between Trump and Spies because Spies criticized Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election being rigged and stolen.

“Charlie talked to RNC Chief of Staff, Chris Lacivita, about maybe not having enough time for the job, and they agreed that, while they appreciate Charlie’s skills, he can’t do this job full time and keep up with his law firm duties,” said RNC spokesperson Danielle Alvarez.

Former President Trump Cheers Departure of RNC Lawyer
Former President Trump

Spies had worked for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, both of whom Trump has criticized in the past.

The RNC had said in March that it hired Spies, along with former One America News host Christina Bobb and former Trump administration lawyer Bill McGinley, to handle legal matters, with Bobb and McGinley focusing on election issues.

Trump’s team has said they want to be more active in checking vote counts for any problems. Trump said last week that he won’t promise to accept the results in Wisconsin in November unless everything seems fair.

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