Trump Surges in Christian Support Despite Unconventional Leadership

In the time of Donald Trump, many Christians support him, which surprises people.

Out of 46 presidents, only three weren’t Christian. But Trump stands out because he often goes against Christian teachings openly. He’s even insulted Christians in his book “Think Big.”

Trump’s actions clash with the Ten Commandments. He’s been accused of lying, coveting, and stealing. Despite this, many white evangelical Protestants still like him.

Some Christian groups support Trump’s efforts to mix religion with politics, wanting Christian beliefs to become law for everyone.

In the 2020 election, over 80% of white evangelical Protestants voted for Trump. Some conservative Christians think Jesus’ teachings are too liberal and prefer Trump’s stance in cultural battles.

Trump is praised by some Christian leaders who believe he’s chosen by God. But whether that’s true remains to be seen.

Let’s look at Trump’s actions in light of the Christian Bible.

During Trump’s trial, it was revealed he worked with a tabloid to spread lies about his opponents. The Bible forbids lying and sowing discord.

Trump Surges in Christian Support Despite Unconventional Leadership
Donald Trump

Trump has told thousands of lies while president, which goes against biblical teachings.

He’s also been found guilty of deceiving lenders, which the Bible condemns.

Despite this, Trump now sells Bibles for profit, which seems hypocritical.

Trump’s environmental policies also clash with Christian values. The Bible teaches caring for the Earth, but Trump has rolled back many environmental protections.

Pope Francis and many Christian groups criticize leaders who deny climate change and exploit nature.

Christians are warned in the Bible about false prophets. It’s essential for voters to consider these warnings when choosing leaders.

In November’s election, these warnings should be remembered by all voters.

William Becker, a former U.S. Department of Energy official, leads a nonpartisan initiative focused on climate policies.

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