Gallup Survey Shows Public Confidence in Biden’s Economic Moves Dwindling

Voter trust in President Biden’s economic decisions is at its lowest in over 20 years, according to a Gallup survey.

Gallup has been checking confidence in presidents’ economic decisions since 2001 when George W. Bush became president. Confidence in Biden’s economic management fell from 57 percent to below 40 percent in 2022 and has stayed low since then. The lowest point was 35 percent in 2023.

Bush had the lowest confidence in economic management at 34 percent in 2008. Barack Obama’s lowest was 42 percent in 2014, and Donald Trump’s was also 42 percent in 2018.

Gallup Survey Shows Public Confidence in Biden's Economic Moves Dwindling
Donald Trump (Credits:

In the new Gallup survey, only 38 percent of adults in the US said they have confidence in Biden to make the right economic decisions. Both Democrats and Republicans had similar levels of confidence in Biden.

On the other hand, 46 percent of people said they trust Trump’s economic decisions, and 39 percent trust Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.

The survey was done with 1,001 adults from April 1-22, before Powell said interest rates would stay high for 23 years. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.

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