Monolithic Power Systems Expands Operations with $18.3M Boeing Field Lease Acquisition

Monolithic Power Systems, a big company that makes computer chips in Kirkland, just bought a special lease at King County International Airport-Boeing Field in Seattle. They paid $18.3 million for it.

This deal includes two big buildings called hangars and puts the company in a good spot just four miles south of Downtown Seattle. The Puget Sound Business Journal said this shows Monolithic is growing and also shows how more tech and industrial companies are using airports for their businesses.

The people who sold it, led by well-known businessmen Dan Baty and his son Stan Baty, gave Monolithic a good deal. It puts them in a really useful place for their work, near the busy Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

An In-Depth Look at the Agreement

The details of the lease aren’t fully shared, but it’s a big step for Monolithic Power Systems. This company makes electronic stuff for different industries like computers, phones, and cars. They’re now joining a special group of private airline companies at Boeing Field.

MPS is yet to share details of the lease (Credits: MPS)

These companies have put a lot of money into the airport. This shows that they think it’s really important for business and moving things around.

Monolithic’s move to 7277 Perimeter Road South not only makes their operations bigger but also matches their plans to grow. They made a lot of money in 2022 – $437.7 million!

What the Big Deal at Boeing Field Means for Seattle’s Factories and Tech

Monolithic Power Systems recently got a lease at Boeing Field. This shows a bigger trend in Seattle’s factories and tech companies. They want spots that help with moving goods and are close to big cities.

This trend is changing how Seattle’s factories look. It’s making Seattle a center for cool companies that want to make their work easier in the busy Northwest.

Monolithic Power System office (Credits: MPS)

Also, the fact that Dan and Stan Baty’s firm is involved shows how Seattle’s businesses, property, and tech worlds are all connected.

Monolithic Power Systems made a smart decision by getting a ground lease at Boeing Field. This shows they have a big plan to grow and expand.

This move gives Monolithic a big advantage in how they work and also tells everyone, including competitors, that they are planning for success in the future.

Picking this spot is important because Seattle is a hub for technology, business, and moving things around. By doing this, Monolithic is showing other companies in the same business what to do.

Jackson Kelley
Jackson Kelley
Jackson is a political activist and market expert. He covers the impact of politics on the market and global economy.
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