Scimitar Hill: Texas Vineyard Estate on 126 Acres Listed at $5.2 Million

In the middle of Texas wine country, there’s a special place for sale. It mixes making wine with living luxuriously.

Scimitar Hill Vineyards covers 126 acres in Camp Verde. It’s not just a house; it’s also a big wine-making place. And it’s up for sale for $5.2 million. My San Antonio wrote about it. It shows how people are starting to want both luxury and a certain lifestyle in their homes, especially in beautiful areas where farming is big.

The price of the estate, which works out to more than $41,000 per acre, shows how much people are willing to pay for land that’s more than just land.

Scimitar Hill Vineyards

The charm of Scimitar Hill Vineyards isn’t just about making wine. It’s also about the cool houses and fun stuff to do there.

Scimitar Hill Vineyards
The big house was built in 2020 (Credits: X)

The big house, built in 2020, is cool. It has a big bedroom upstairs, a nice master bedroom, and even a special room to keep wine at the perfect temperature.

The guest house is also a tasting room. It’s a cozy place where you can try the vineyard’s wines. Outside, there’s lots to do too. There’s a big barn where they make stuff, a winery, a workshop, a barn for horses, and a big lake. The lake isn’t as big right now because of the drought.

This mix of fancy living and farming is not something you see every day. That’s why Scimitar Hill is special in Texas real estate.

Why Texas Hill Country’s Property is So Popular

Scimitar Hill Vineyards is part of a big trend in the Texas Hill Country. People want ranches and estates there because they’re beautiful, useful, and can make a lot of money.

River Oak Ranch
The River Oak Ranch (Credits: Real Deal)

Lots of big properties have been up for sale lately. For example, the River Oak Ranch is 1,560 acres, and there’s a 738-acre ranch in Spicewood. People are interested in buying them, even though they’re expensive.

This increase in buying and selling shows that more and more people like properties that have a mix of fun things to do, places to live, and chances to make money. This is especially true in places with cool nature and history, like the Texas Hill Country.

A Look At How Things Are Changing in Markets and Lifestyles

When Scimitar Hill Vineyards got listed at $5.2 million, it wasn’t just a sale. It showed how markets and what people want in life are changing.

Scimitar Hill Vineyards House
It’s a cozy place where you can try the vineyard’s wines.

More and more people want properties that give them luxury, fun, and a good place to live. That’s why estates like Scimitar Hill are so popular.

This trend shows that people now prefer places where they can do different things like making wine, riding horses, living in luxury, and protecting wildlife.

It also tells us that the Texas Hill Country is getting more attention from investors and people looking for a good place to live. It offers beautiful views, chances for farming, and luxury living.

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Jackson Kelley
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