NYC Prisons Stop Using Body Cameras After Device Fire

The New York City Department of Corrections announced on Sunday that it will stop using body-worn cameras by its officers temporarily. This decision came after one of the cameras caught fire while an officer was using it last week.

The department stated that the officer wearing the camera needed treatment for burns and smoke inhalation. Corrections Commissioner Lynelle Maginley-Liddie expressed concern for the injured officer and emphasized the importance of staff safety.

The officer was taken to the hospital but was not admitted, according to reports from The New York Post.

NYC Prisons Stop Using Body Cameras After Device Fire
(Credits: Police1)

The department has been using nearly 3,500 body cameras since 2015, and this incident is described as a rare occurrence. An investigation into why the camera caught fire is underway, including communication with the manufacturer. It is expected to take one to two weeks to complete.

This isn’t the first time body cameras have raised safety concerns. The New York Police Department suspended their use twice in the past six years due to similar incidents, once in 2018 and again in 2021.

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