Oklahoma Governor Condemns Protesters’ ‘Hate Speech’

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt stated that he won’t allow “hate speech” from protesters supporting Palestine in Oklahoma. He said he would expel those who support Hamas from state colleges.

Stitt was questioned about the arrests of pro-Palestine protesters at universities nationwide and their criticism of Israel’s military actions in Gaza after Hamas’ terrorist attack on October 7.

Stitt told Fox News that he believes it’s only a small group of people who are very vocal. He hopes young people will see footage of the terrorist attack to understand the seriousness of the situation.

Oklahoma Governor Condemns Protesters' 'Hate Speech'
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (Credits: Oklahoma Watch)

Stitt strongly opposes those who support Hamas and says they should be expelled from universities. He calls their actions “hate speech” and believes everyone who stands for what’s right should oppose them.

Pro-Palestinian protests have happened on campuses across the country, with some students setting up camps. They demand an end to military support for Israel and a ceasefire in Gaza.

After his appearance on Fox News, Stitt emphasized his stance against “hate speech.” He posted on social media that supporting terrorist groups like Hamas is unacceptable. Stitt previously signed a bill in 2022 to create the “Oklahoma Free Speech Committee,” which monitors free speech at the state’s colleges.

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